Shipping Costs

Ordering an item from us? We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Shipping costs are calculated depending on your address.

Shipping methods are:

  • mail or Fedex for our national orders (the Netherlands)
  • Fedex for our European orders
  • Fedex for all other destinations outside Europe

Delivery times

  • the Netherlands: approximately 3-4 days
  • Europe: approximately 4-6 days
  • Outside Europe: approximately 5-8 days

Please note:
No claims will be accepted for any delays in delivery time, the above mentioned delivery times are approximately.

Payment methods


We accept payments by credit card and bank transfer though the Paypal system.paypal The authorization of your credit card payment is done through a secure SSL connection. This to protect your credit card details. Even for us, your card details are not visible. Once the authorization is approved, the order is immediately processed.
All orders are final and cannot be cancelled at this moment anymore.

Vat & Taxes

All quoted prices on this site are excluding VAT and taxes. VAT is applicable for orders within the European union, our system will then automaticly add the VAT at the end of the ordering process. Taxes may be applicable for non european countries, these can be import taxes charged by the individual countries of destination.